Monday, August 1, 2016

The Voices Within Us: A Book of Hope and Inspiration!

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Jim Stewart is a visionary who has the ability to see beyond this world.

While reading this book I realized that my prayers at the time weren't being answered because I lacked patience. It sounds like a little thing but this struck me hard, resounding in my soul that tears started to flow almost from the first page. I flew through the rest, stopping only to reflect and think about what was being relayed.

It was an awakening of self-truth once again.

I expected my prayers to be answered right away, and when they weren't I became discouraged, hopeless, and questioned this whole notion of a god.

The author pointed out, lack of patience is a lack of faith, lack of faith is a lack of trust, lack of trust is a lack of hope!

As I was reading a chapter titled Pay The Beggar. I remembered the time we were coming out of a Pink Floyd concert. There was a man with a cup held out, we made eye contact. I stopped and started opening my purse and my then husband with his nasty mouth says, "what are you doing? He's a scammer Jeanette! Can't you see that! Ya know you're a fuckin'
The other people we were with didn't give him a dime. Why would they lower themselves and look like fools? I knew my sister felt bad and wanted to give also but, with her husband staring her down, there was no way she would.

I didn't care what anybody said or thought! I gave him a handful of change, then the man looks me straight in the eye and with a nod said:

"God Bless You!"

I was taken aback by those words. I was so touched I knew I did the right thing.
I never expected those words to come from him so strongly. At the time I was in a mindset that everything was a test. This was deeper than anyone could see with their eyes alone.

So I'm reading thinking of my experience, and it says "I gave the money to the beggar, and he said,
"God Bless You!"
Uh! What? How does this happen? I start crying again!

He then goes on to write about when he was walking his dog Bubba...Bubba? What? My dog's name was Bubba! What's going on here? Can I stop crying so I can see what I'm reading?

One day I was showing my neighbor all the interesting books I had so she could pick something out she wanted to read, and I came across the "The Lost Books of The Bible." I hadn't read that book up in a while!

Later that evening back to the book, the author says he was reading "The Lost Books of the Bible!" I was like what? Okay, it's happening again! And then, he mentioned reading "The Book of Mormon," which I also have read some of it. How I got to own it is a whole other story.

I remembered the young Mormons coming to my house, and how they showed me a picture of Jesus asking me if I knew who he was? Oh, boy, I said to myself. Well, the author of this book also had mentioned the picture of Jesus they showed him!

I found this book because the author wrote a short story about his dog Bubba. So I sent him a message and told him about my dog Bubba who is also deceased. While reading his bio I saw he had written a book and thought this looks interesting! I was just sorry I didn't buy the signed copy, which I didn't see until after I bought the fist copy. I told Jim of this and he sent me a signed copy at no charge. I gave the other book to my neighbor Mary!

The whole thing makes me wonder if it could possibly be that the angels guided me toward this book? Because the message I got was loud and clear as to what I was doing with my prayers. I think it is so. I hope Jim Stewart writes more about his talks with the angels even though this book may be all we need for an answer as to why our prayers seem to go unheard.
This book should be read by every single person on the planet. It's that important!

You can read much more of Jim Stewart's experiences here on Authorsden!

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